Activating the Community Around You Twitter Chat

#TXFM Twitter Chat 06.25.14

Activating the Community Around You Twitter Chat


You have a vision. You are on the edge of your seat, excited about this idea, and you want to bring it to reality. But how do you get those in the community around you involved, and spread that excitement to those around you?

That was the question that Jamie Sundsbak was working through when he attended Transform 2013. Through the experience, he was inspired to push his BioAM to the next level, and built a community around his passion for BioBusiness. And it didn’t stop there. Jamie went on to collaborate with five other individuals to create another community around Social Innovation, called Colidr, equipping the changemakers in his town to feel empowered and be bold.

What was the secret sauce? How do you activate the community around you for greater things?

Join us, and Jamie, on June 25th at 3pm (Central Standard Time) on Twitter to chat on this very topic: “How to Activate the Community Around You.” You can follow the conversation with the hashtag #TXFM, and we will be asking the questions below during the chat.

If this is your first time on a Twitter chat, we recommend using the website TweetChat to see the conversation in real time.


Q1. How do you find “birds of a feather” – people like you – that you want to connect with?

Q2. How did you identify the community you wanted to become a part of?

Q3. What are the benefits of a digital community?

Q4. What are the benefits of IRL community meetings?

Q5. How did you begin the process of activating your community?

Q6. What are 3 things you need for value from your community?

Q7. What is the best lesson this process has taught you?


  • When: June 25th, at 3:00 pm (Central Standard Time).
  • Where: Twitter with the hashtag #TXFM.


See you there!


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