The Smiles of Yesteryear's Innovation

Post It Note Production Halted, Innovation Declines

The Smiles of Yesteryear's Innovation

The collective despair of designers, innovators and entrepreneurs around the world could be heard this morning, as reports of the halt of production of Post It notes was announced by manufacturers of the innovation staple. Citing declining profit in the product, and too small of a niche market, factories producing the square solution to innovation needs will be halting production effective immediately.

"It's as if someone has thrown my future in the shredder, and left me to pick up the pieces," said one employee at the Center for Innovation.

Drastic measures have been taken to ensure that innovation doesn't come to a grinding halt. Rationing of Post It notes has become mandatory, as well as looking for new alternatives to the sticky muse of innovation, but ideas are slow coming. "We need to utilize Post It notes to brainstorm our alternatives to the implementation of Post It notes in the ideation process, but without Post It notes, we are unable to move forward with innovating a solution," remarked one key designer.

Looking at Post It notes

Center for Innovation designer, Gunther, reminiscing on his last project to use Post It notes.

Some teams have taken the extreme measure of purchasing the rarely used easel-sized Post It notes, and cutting pieces to size, but the glue that binds the Post It notes has remained elusive to all, and the replacement Post It notes continue to litter the floor with failed ideas.

Most have taken to looking for new employment, though prospects are low. "I've spent my whole career coming up with solutions and ideas for problems, and without Post It notes, I don't see a future. I guess I can apply for a position in the new hip Toast restaurant craze that's happening," mused a young designer.

What does the future hold for the world of design, innovation and entrepreneurship? One thing is for sure, it won't be a colorful one.