Dodge County Healthy Living Expo


Guest Post Written By: Katie Nelson

The first annual Dodge County Healthy Living Expo is set to take place on January 11, 2014, at Triton High School. Dodge County holds a Business Expo highlighting local businesses that is a big hit each year. So, the Dodge Refreshed team came together and decided to make this event into an expo, with hopes of drawing in many people from the community.

The overarching goal of the Healthy Living Expo is to connect community members with local resources for health and wellness, and the great thing is that this event will have them all in one place. Kristin Cerda of Dodge County Public Health said, “Often times I feel that we are not aware of what services and resources there are in our community and this event is a good way to make those connections.” Also, people often times feel uncomfortable asking for help, but the hope is that the expo will provide a laid back setting to help people feel comfortable in making connections and asking any questions they have.

However, the Healthy Living Expo is not meant to just be a one day thing; the purpose of the expo is to give community members something that will last beyond the event. The expo will help people form connections and find resources so that they are continually able to improve their health and wellness.

Colin Maltbie, rector and pastor of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, loves being involved with the Dodge Refreshed team as everyone is so passionate about helping the community. He envisions this event as “people from many different walks of life coming together to get to know one another.” He says, “It will be a good opportunity for community building and networking.” The first annual expo will be a unique opportunity indeed, bringing together all sorts of people to help improve health and wellness.

The Healthy Living Expo will provide many different things including interactive demonstrations, ideas for meal planning, car-seat safety and senior fall prevention, as well as classic style booths and, of course, a plethora of information. Oh, and let me not forget, there will be food and drawings for great prizes as well! So, there you have it: food, fun and living better. Come on down to Triton High School on January 11th to see what the Dodge County Healthy Living Expo is all about!

Katie Nelson

Katie Nelson is a student at the University of Minnesota Rochester.