A UMR Student Attends Transform


Editor's Note: Original article written by University of Minnesota Rochester student Rachelle.

This fall I had the opportunity to attend the Mayo Clinic 2013 TRANSFORM symposium, which believe me is a very unique and once in a lifetime opportunity, especially for a student. When I received the email from a UMR staff member that there was an opportunity to attend the symposium, I didn't really know what it was and wrote it off as something I wasn't eligible for anyways. Well, being my curious self I did some research on the symposium a few days later and found that I did know what it was, very well actually.

Several of my classes would often assign YouTube videos of speakers at the conference in the past. I had thought these speakers were amazing and appreciated the topics they spoke on. Realizing I was just given the chance to attend a conference where these amazing speakers thrilled me. I then responded immediately, and about a week later I received a confirmation email to attend the symposium; I was ecstatic!

The symposium is organized by the Center for Innovation and runs three days long. It's comprised of many speakers, each very different, and each offering unique ideas and thought provoking topics. As many people in the field of health know, the US health care system isn't exactly the best or most organized. The TRANSFORM symposium, as its name implies, introduces new possibilities and ideas to "transform" the US health care system to make it more patient focused, cost efficient, and overall successful.

Source: My UMR Story