Redefining Care


At this year's Transform symposium, FOX 9 medical expert Dr. Archelle Georgiou both attended and spoke about her work.

In America, "care" has a strict definition, Dr. Georgiou says. Regulated facilities, strict guidelines and what qualifies as care is what your hospital can bill – however, health care is so much more. The media plays a role in education so patients can be their own health care advocates.

A discussion on violence looked at the concept as a disease versus a crime. An epidemiologist who had been working in developing countries treating patients with AIDS and cholera and tuberculosis said epidemics start in one location and spread to a community, tantamount to a disease. Instead of looking at violence as a criminal concept, it can be seen as an epidemic that spreads throughout a community. Violence can be changed by identifying the inciting factor so you can stop it before it spreads.

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