Summing Up Transform 2013


The Transform symposium took stage for the sixth year, bringing together people to collaborate on an ongoing dialogue to create meaningful and transformational change to health care. They came from across the globe, connecting not only in the physical space of the symposium, but also in our Community, On24 Virtual Conference, Twitter, Facebook, and even Second Life.

We were honored to have the very talented John Hockenberry to moderate this year’s symposium, and the presenters that graced the stage were second to none. Thought-provoking discussions ranged from the need and benefits of distraction-free family dinners, innovative conceptual designs of wearable tech by local 5th graders, to redefining the word “care.” To close the conference, and unsuspecting presenter, Daniel Lamarre, President and CEO of Cirque du Soleil, entranced the audience with a presentation that brought the entire experience together.

One surprise from our Diamond sponsor, Target, was the announcement of the Target Simplicity Challenge. Target is looking for ideas and innovation on how to simplify health care. The winner will be awarded with $25,000, a trip to Minneapolis to present the winning idea, and a chance to partner with Target to make your vision a reality.

So don’t take our word on how great our own symposium was, take the words of those who attended both in person and on the live web stream.

@LjkMModal wrote: “#txfm D. Lamarre: Facing customer revolution with digitalization of media. Product to customer centric. Product to customer profitability.”

@Charbertos wrote: “You can’t just buy ad space anymore. Need to rethink how to reach customers. #txfm”

@Arkay30 wrote: “Another inspiring #TXFM conference in the books. Excited to take great ideas back to Michigan. Thanks @MayoInnovation! #healthcare”

You can check out the twitter report on Symplur, a Transform symposium sponsor. The Center for Innovation team will be posting blog posts about each talk throughout the year on the Center for Innovation blog, and you can collaborate with attendees through our Collaboration Space built by Imaginatik, a Transform symposium sponsor.

Transform talks will be archived on the TXFM web site over the next few weeks, but for now you can join the ON24 environment, click on “Virtual Guy” and watch in the talks they’ve archived in Exhibit Hall. Eventually, videos will be on the TXFM archives and on our playlist.