OpenIDEO Healthy Ageing Challenge Winning Ideas


After starting our journey with IDEO back in June, our OpenIDEO Healthy Ageing Challenge, has been narrowed down to six winning concepts.

With all the amazing concepts put forth, this decision hasn’t been easy! We’ve been working with OpenIDEO to review the progress made by the Top 20 and have blended our input with the community’s to arrive at a final decision. During this process, we posed these questions:

• Which ideas spoke to our community and energized efforts during the challenge?
• Which ideas presented new approaches or opportunities that we found inspiring?
• Which ideas have the most potential to go out into the world and achieve real impact?

In answering these questions, we have developed a list of six winning ideas that we think are best poised for healthy ageing. As OpenIDEO stated so eloquently in their field note, while we're shining a spotlight on these six ideas, we want to be sure to recognize the role that our entire community played in their development and refinement. No idea is ever created in a vacuum and on OpenIDEO that's particularly true – so really the congratulations goes to each of you!

In the coming weeks we'll be opening up the Realization phase of this challenge, where we'll share updates and stories on our path to impact.

So without further ado, head over to OpenIDEO and check out the winning concepts!