OpenIDEO Healthy Ageing Challenge: Highlighting the Top 20 pt. 5


In the final installment of our five-part series, we take a look at the last of the final concepts from the OpenIDEO Healthy Ageing Challenge.

Often, elderly care facilities and childcare centers are mutually exclusive, resulting in little interaction between the two generations housed in these different facilities. However, the integration of elderly day-care centers with children care centers could allow for simultaneous healthcare provision, greater cross-generational interaction, and two-way benefits for both the elderly and children. In addition, operational costs would be lowered since less staff would be needed to care for the babies who are cared for by grandparents. Furthermore, stationed medical personnel could cater to both the children and the elderly.

The Sandwich Game is a mobile application and gameplay experience where users share how they engage and elevate each day with their kids and parents. It offers a place to compete (I.E. who shares the best day of activities) while feeling rewarded. It will also offer a visually stimulating input and viewing experience where players are digitally building the best, most exciting, and delicious sandwich of the day! Bread: The comforting, loving thing you did today? Meat: The physical, body, growthful thing you did today? Veggies: The healthy, helpful food thing you did today? Cheese: The silly, fun thing you did today? Spread: The brainy, learning thing you did today?

The concept of "organic" social and activity groups among older peoples was initially inspired by the active seniors in Tommy Liu’s life, including a water-coloring group (20 years running) that he is part of. In fact, there are numerous groups for the elderly that have formed around activities that benefit themselves and society. So, rather than trying to create groups for seniors, why not harness this existing drive for socializing, art, and activism and empower them to organically create groups for themselves?

Pop-up Wellness Lounge & Coordinator Supporting Healthy Communities would provide great places to connect and learn from others in the community, as well as support activities that promote healthy living. Specifically, Mayo Clinic would sponsor pop-up shop-like spaces called Wellness Lounges in either vacant storefronts, neighborhoods, or in community spaces such as libraries or schools, to bring people together. These spaces would be designed to be inviting, offer a communal area to meet others in the community, promote conversations, and ultimately, offer a comfortable place away from home to learn more about taking care of our health.

There are few days of refinement remaining, so don’t forget to visit the OpenIDEO Healthy Ageing Challenge page to learn more about the top 20 designs, as well as add comments and help create mockups and sketches. You can even run a small prototype in your community and report back on OpenIDEO!