Refining the OpenIDEO Healthy Ageing Challenge
Partnering with the OpenIDEO Challenge has been a creative collaboration to answer the question, "How might we all maintain wellbeing and thrive as we age?" During the Healthy Ageing Challenge, people from around the globe submitted their inspirations, and ultimately designed 134 ideas to help people thrive as they age.

Now with the Refinement stage underway, those 134 ideas have been whittled down to 20. We are all connected to someone who is either experiencing or affected by ageing, which makes the 20 ideas perfect for testing in the field. During the Refinement stage, let's share these ideas with our families and friends, and bring them from ideas to reality.

Take the time to check out the Top 20 ideas and choose which ideas you want to help refine further. Everyone is invited to add comments, create mockups, and sketches. You can even run a small prototype in your community and report back on OpenIDEO. We're so excited to see your brilliant ideas become reality!