OpenIDEO Healthy Ageing Challenge: Highlighting the Top 20 pt. 3


In part three of our five-part series, we take a look at four more final concepts from the OpenIDEO Healthy Ageing Challenge.

'RockTilYouDrop' 55+ Cohousing Communities would be 40-50 unit, affordable cohousing communities for musicians, artists, and anyone whose passion for music and the arts burns deep within. These small senior communities for creative, caring folks who appreciate music and understand the importance of community, would be designed and financed by the people who plan to live there.

Shared Decision Making Tools hopes to empower elderly patients to make confident medical decisions. Going to the doctor can be overwhelming for both older patients and their adult child caregivers. Faced with various treatment options and complex medical information, patients often do not ask the right questions to make informed decisions. This tool enables older patients and their adult-child caregivers to be more involved in their healthcare and build the skills to improve conversations with their physician.

gRENTparents’ main idea is to offer an online platform, and offline service, where the elderly could connect with young parents whose own parents don’t live nearby and help them with daily tasks and vice versa. Due to urbanization, many young couples live far away from their own parents and have no one by their side to help them with daily tasks. This concept would connect people from different generations, who all live in the same area, and enable them to help one another.

Generation Ink is a proposed publication that would serve as a central hub for intergenerational collaboration. It will function as a not-for-profit magazine press (that will also have an E-version app), and its columnists and editors would be comprised of people of all ages. Topics for the articles will cover every array of healthy living and also tell life stories, as our experiences of trial and error, triumph and pain, are what bind us all.

Visit the OpenIDEO Healthy Ageing Challenge page to learn more about the top 20 designs, as well as add comments and help create mockups and sketches. You can even run a small prototype in your community and report back on OpenIDEO!