OpenIDEO Healthy Ageing Challenge: Highlighting the Top 20 pt. 2


In part two of our series, we take a look at four more final concepts from the OpenIDEO Healthy Ageing Challenge.

Repurpose Civic Landscaping as a Senior Activity hopes to integrate seniors into public landscaping efforts. Local communities often invest significant resources in making sure their public spaces look great and gardening is a positive and productive activity that seniors can often handle. Furthermore, a 2003 New England Journal of Medicine study found that gardeners who worked in their yards one or more hours each week experienced fewer recent falls, had better balance as well as increased walking speeds compared to those older individuals who did not garden.

Declutterbugs is a proposed decluttering service that would be offered by charities that sell second-hand items to raise funds. Clutter in elderly households is a common complaint among children and grandchildren, and this program would enable elderly persons to declutter their homes while providing charities with quality, second-hand goods that can be sold to raise money.

Ageing Empathy Exercise encourages people to undertake simple exercises to help them empathize with the elderly and prepare for their own future. The process heightens sensitivity to the needs of others, while also acting as a catalyst to prepare for our own old age.

Overdelivery would be a trusted delivery service that goes the extra mile. Today, drop-and-go home delivery is available for almost everything. Overdelivery offers customers a delivery service that provides a few more minutes of care and conversation, help with household chores, or simply stopping by for a chat and a cup of tea.

Don’t forget to visit the OpenIDEO Healthy Ageing Challenge page to learn more about the top 20 designs, as well as add comments and help create mockups and sketches. You can even run a small prototype in your community and report back on OpenIDEO!