OpenIDEO Healthy Ageing Challenge: Highlighting the Top 20 pt. 1


As we mentioned in yesterday’s OpenIDEO Challenge post, the 134 ideas designed to help people as they age have been whittled down to 20.  Today’s post takes a closer look at the first four of these ideas.

The eXchange is a social platform where different generations pose and respond to questions from other generations. Need tips on dressing for a job interview? Get tips from someone older and wiser. Need to get to the doctor, but don't have a ride? It might be on the way for someone younger who can take you.

The goal of the Empathik walking device is to increase seniors’ social activities by designing a walking aid that converts from supporting frame to flexible shopping cart. The project will encourage senior citizens to get motivated with outdoor activities by improving their outdoor experience. It also challenges the conventional tubular walking frame.

More than Just a Doctor's Visit, a Bridge to Wellness   is an idea that proposes the reshaping of a doctor's visit by connecting healthcare students and senior volunteers to aging community members as wellness coaches. It builds on the students passion and idealism, combined with peer-to-peer support given from seniors to other seniors.  The students serve as the first intake counselors at each doctor visit, do a preliminary greeting, and refer clients to the senior volunteers that will offer their skills and experience to fellow seniors.

"With Me" is a system of games that utilizes design to connect generations. It will encourage meaningful interaction and inter-generational dialogue to integrate older adults deeper into the fabric of our society. The "With Me" system is intended to slow people down, to celebrate and realize our shared humanity, and to interact with people in a way that may have gotten lost in our busy lives.

Don’t forget to visit the OpenIDEO page to learn more about the top 20 designs as well as add comments, create mockups, and sketches. You can even run a small prototype in your community and report back on OpenIDEO!