Thriving and Wellness in the OpenIDEO Challenge



There is monumental amounts of applause, ideas, and innovation cycling around OpenIDEO’s Healthy Ageing Challenge as the Ideas phase counts down it’s final two days left for submissions. Following that, the Applause and Refinement phases will begin in short term.

How can you get inspired for your ideas? Let IDEO’s very own Gretchen Addi tickle your ear with a brilliant post on her view on designing for folks over 60. In her words, “…it’s best to start with the people themselves, not numbers. We consider user needs through the lens of activities, emotions, culture and context.

The Applause phase takes over in 48 hours, where we vote, or “applause” for the ideas we think are best. Invite your friends to partake in voicing (or clapping) their opinions, as we transition to the Refinement phase early next week.

Lastly, check out how Annie Lin, in her Community Champion Update, showcases how she engaged six of her friends in a group brainstorming session to bring insights and ideas for the Health Ageing Challenge.