T.R. Reid Guides a Global Tour of Successful Health Care Systems


Is health care a human right? "Most countries have already answered with a resolute yes, leaving the U.S. in a murky moral backwater with nations we typically think of as far less just than our own," says journalist, author and filmmaker T.R. Reid.

Reid, who'll speak at Transform 2013, has spent much of his career helping us to understand the state of health care worldwide. "The World Health Organization rated the national health care systems of 191 countries in terms of fairness and the United States ranked 54th," says Reid. "That put us slightly ahead of Chad and Rwanda but just behind Bangladesh and the Maldives. How is it that all the other industrialized democracies provide health care for everyone at a reasonable cost, something the United States has never managed to do?"

In his research, Reid finds poorly paid doctors in Japan, endless lines in Canada, mistreated patients in Britain and spartan facilities in France. Yet all of them cover everyone, produce better health results and spend far less than the United States. None leaves its citizens one diagnosis away from financial ruin.


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