5 Reasons Why You Should Stop What You Are Doing (and Register for the Transform Symposium!)

Collage of photos of speakers, breakout sessions, and receptions from the 2012 Transform Symposium

Let's get straight to the point...we are all busy. And for those reading this you are probably very busy thinking about ways to improve healthcare in-practice, by design, etc. Realizing this we would like to invite you to register for the Transform Symposium - a chance to think differently.

So we aren't really asking you to stop what you are doing to improve healthcare, but to improve upon your current work by registering for the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation Transform Symposium– to participate in workshops, networking opportunities and conversations needed to transform healthcare from the ground up.

Here are five reasons why you should stop what you are doing and register today for the Mayo Clinic Transform Symposium!

1. Connections Aren’t Made Sitting Down

How about connecting with leading-edge innovators from the East and West coasts and others who work around the globe, through interactive design workshops?

From coast to coast, San Francisco and Boston-based health tech accelerator, Rock Health, will lead Start-Up Boot-Camp for those interested in digital health and new ventures. Interested in Global Health?  How about a workshop with Gene Buckham, M.D., Ph.D., Harvard Medical School’s director of Global Noncommunicable Disease and Social Change, and Aaron Shakow, Ph.D., a historian and health policy expert for Partners in Health.

Spanning both foreign and domestic projects Thomas Fisher, Dean of University of Minnesota's College of Design, will moderate the “From Tents in Missouri to Buildings in Rawanda” discussion with Wendy Deibert and Michael Murphy will highlight stories about building health care spaces after the Joplin, Missori tornado to community designed spaces in Rwanda.

2. Lessons Aren’t Only Learned in Lectures

Transform breaks it down, by breaking it up! Five minutes on Social Media health care trends or a new care model for palliative care to a half- hour with Garrison Keillor or an hour and a half brainstorming workshop.  Themes, topics, insights and personal stories will be presented in a variety of ways. Transform moderator, journalist and commentator, John Hockenberry, will keep the symposium flowing with his usual insightful commentary and behind-the-scene quips.

ANNOUNCEMENT: iSpot winners with 5 minutes on the Transform Stage! 

3. Being In a Hotel Won’t Teach You Much About Healthcare

Why have Transform in Rochester, Minnesota? It’s where the Mayo Clinic is… dontchaknow? Not only will you enjoy the space of the symposium, but also you can explore the Mayo Clinic campus. Whether it’s the Mayo Clinic’s art tour, a historical campus tour  through Chihuly glass collection, Warhol prints or a special tour of the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation.

VIRTUAL TOUR: View Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation!

 Breakthrough innovation at Mayo Clinic will also be spotlighted on Science Sunday, with scientists presenting on leading edge research in Gastroentology, Oncology, Hematology and Gerontology.  For those interested in healthcare design research CFI designer researcher Krisa Ryan and Amy Williams M.D. at Mayo Clinic will discuss design research applied in a clinical setting. Marc Matthews, M.D. will also host a ‘Design for Doctors.’ Workshop sharing his viewpoint on how working with designers has changed some of his perspectives and practices. 

4. Interesting Topics Don’t Make Provocative Speeches

Let’s flip that - provocative speakers make topics interesting.  Topics like ‘Elephants in the Room’ and ‘Designing Ahead of the Problem’ are a reflection of the speakers’ passion and their intended takeaways for the audience.  Phil Satow will tell the personal story of why he founded The Jed Foundation, and Michael Wolff,  renowned journalist, will discuss his recent experience of caring for his terminally ill mother.

VIDEO: View the 3 Minute Transform Symposium 2012 Video!

Discussing 'New Perspectives' on-stage, John Hockenberry will interview Alex Jadad M.D., Chief Innovator and Founder of the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation,  Laura Adams President and CEO of Rhode Island Quality Institute and Reed Tuckson M.D., Executive Vice President and Chief of Medical Affairs of UnitedHealth Group - as they offer their insights and experiences.

5. Being Quiet Doesn’t Create Change

But starting new and different conversations with new and different people does. The planning team at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation knows that true innovation requires looking outside and bringing in many points of view to work together. To kick off Transform, Dick Gephardt, former house majority lead, will be interviewed by Tane Danger, the co-creator of the Theatre of public policy, on the landscape of healthcare outside of Washington, D.C. The Theatre of Public Policy troupe will then use the interview as content for several improvisation skits and soliciting audience participation. The GE HealthyImagination team will also work with the diverse attendees to create a narrative around a hot topic in health care with a series of workshops, presenting what they collectively discovered on the main stage.

VIDEO: View GE HealthyImagination's Brain Bowl at Transform 2011!

 Transform attendees are encouraged to laugh, talk and yes…tweet throughout the three-day symposium.  Tweet at and converse in-person with Lee Aase, Director of Mayo Clinic Social Media and Audun Utengen co-founder of Symplur and the Healthcare Hashtag Project.

Various networking sessions will allow you to bridge connections, not just bring back business cards.  Check out the Transform website for event details and an updated schedule!  Those interested in sitting around waiting for healthcare innovation to happen – need not apply.

Those interested in being a part of transforming healthcare – register today!