Med School Lite Series with Dr. Marc Matthews

With two informal gatherings of members of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation, Dr. Marc Matthews of Mayo Family Clinic Kasson offered an impromptu glance at the beginning stages of a long and challenging medical career – medical school.

It was an opportunity to be transparent; Matthews opened the floor for CFI employees to ask for explanations of all of the ailments we read so much about but never completely understand. But he warned participants that med school is, as he says, a “series of unfortunate events”; structured as a question and answer session, Matthews gave brief descriptions of medical conditions many face every day.

Before and after each question, Matthews assured CFI team members that this was just like medical school. Students would ask their professors about things that they were generally interested in and professors would tell them. Diagrams [and light humor] are highly encouraged.

Matthews covered a variety of topics – from dermatology to pulmonolgy – and even gives good doctorly advice to live by.

For example, diabetes was one of the topics discussed. Through window diagrams and easy-to-understand conversations about how diabetes works, CFI employees gained a better knowledge of what the disease is, how it begins, and measures to take to prevent or cure it.

Matthews has offered two lunch-and-learns. Check out this series of clips from his second session, July 17th, 2012.