(140 Words) #MCCFI_HAIL TweetChat on Falls

Individuals participating in a Tweet Chat on their computers. Join @MayoInnovation on Twitter for the Healthy Aging and Independent (HAIL) Lab's third TweetChat. The #MCCFI_HAIL TweetChat will gather this Wednesday, August 1st 2-3PM CT in conversation with physicians, geriatricians, caregivers and those interested in discussing aging. The specific topic will focus on falls, one of the leading causes of loss of independence. Here are the three topics to be discussed within the hour #MCCFI_HAIL TweetChat;

T1: Prevention Methods

Beyond technology and products, how can falls be prevented?

T2: Transitions

How can a safe and effective transition to independent living happen after a fall?

T3: Associated stigmas

How can stigmas be broken down, allowing aging persons feel comfortable voicing their experiences and concerns about falling?

Looking forward to a stimulating conversation on how to better enable healthy and independent living!

To participate...

1. Authorize 'TweetChat' app on your Twitter account

2. Return to TweetChat.com 

3. Type '#MCCFI_HAIL' into the top field

4. Enter your response marked 'R1-R3'

5. Click 'Update' to submit your response