(INVITE) 140 Words on this week's #MCCFI_HAIL TweetChat on Medication

Over the shoulder shot of an individual participating in a Tweet Chat The successful collaboration of over 75 individuals and 600+ tweets in Mayo Clinic's Center for Innovation #MCCFI_HAIL TweetChat, generated both conversation and buzz around the topic of healthy aging and independent living. The conversation around what actually is 'healthy aging' and what qualifies as 'independent living' was met with various answers and a  call for more conversation around what are the common deterrents to seniors living healthy lives and remaining independent.

The upcoming #MCCFI_HAIL TweetChat, hosted by @MayoInnovation this Wednesday July 18th, at 1PM (CDT), 11AM (PDT) will focus on the topic of medication management, as medication issues are one of the leading causes of loss of independence.  To join the TweetChat follow the instructions and come prepared to discuss some of the issues surrounding medication issues (affordability, access, perceptions,etc.). Click the link below to retweet and share with your networks.