Adaptation, Independence, and the Easy Road: #MCCFI_HAIL Recap

Cartoon of pine trees, frozen dinners, and wheelchairs made of sand Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation has done it again! In the discussion of what constitutes healthy and independent aging, CFI’s Healthy Aging and Independent Living (HAIL) Lab hosted a TweetChat on Wednesday, July 11th for those interested in discussing aging, healthcare, and care giving.

But when it comes to aging, what most people want are choices.

The HAIL Lab is a research lab that mimics the everyday home environment of seniors who live at the Charter House continuing care retirement community. The goal is to observe seniors as they interact with different technologies and services “in the home” to therefore encourage aging in place such that seniors can live their life at home without having to transition to an assisted care center.

@MayoInnovation facilitated a conversation among healthcare professionals and enthusiasts around the topic of aging with the focus on how those who are aging can do so healthily and independently.  Similar to CFI’s TweetChat on the Patient of the Future (#POTF), @MayoInnovation asked participants to respond to three questions, followed by the hashtag, #MCCFI_HAIL.

@MayoInnovation asked how can independent living be better defined and enabled, how can the healthy choice be the easy choice for the aging population, and how can environments adapt to the needs of the user as they age? Though many responded by offering their personal tips on how to improve care, it was determined that care differs from individual to individual and therefore ought to encompass a variety of care plans.

What one views as ‘independent living’ may be entirely different from another’s; for example, TweetChat participant @PerryErdahl states that “Independence might mean living in a community home. Not having to worry about lawns or snow on the driveway.” Additionally, it may take one patient longer to adapt to or understand technologies being used as part of the lab. Tweeps contributed ideas and insights to help move the conversation along. Check out more Tweets from the #MCCFI_HAIL TweetChat here. 

For Tweeps who may have either missed the #MCCFI_HAIL chat or have more to say, Mayo Clinic CFI will host another HAIL TweetChat next week. Stay tuned for more details.