Catch the Transform Fever

Getting Excited to Transform? Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation Transform symposium is a multidisciplinary conference for thought provoking and inspiring ideas in order to design solutions that transform the experience and delivery of health care. Already in it's fifth year, the three-day symposium is reflective of CFI's focus on open collaboration and use of design thinking as a problem solving approach - bringing together a variety of experts to share ideas towards solving problems, together.

Hear Dr. Nicholas LaRusso, CFI's Medical Director, on "thinking like a designer."

Mind meld: Dr. Nicholas LaRusso on thinking like a designer

Last year's Transform Symposium was attended by hundreds of people representing eight different countries as well as representatives from close to 200 individual companies and organizations. Brian Kaihio, Mayo Clinic's Web Administrator, and Maggie Breslin, senior designer and researcher for CFI, were two of fifty-five speakers at last year's Transform Symposium. Hear their insights HERE: 

Brian Kaihoi, Mayo Clinic’s Web Administrator
Mayo Clinic’s design mind: true innovation makes existing ideas viable

To learn more about the Transform symposium, check it out HERE.