Twitters of Change: #POTF TweetChat Sparks Discussion of Partnership and Transparency

Center of Innovation team members sitting in a circle participating in a Tweet Chat

Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation (@MayoInnovation) hosted a TweetChat Tuesday, June 5th discussing the ‘Patient of the Future’ (#POTF). The TweetReach extended to over 511,983 tweeps, with over 682 tweets mentioning #POTF. The idea behind the TweetChat was to facilitate a conversation for those passionate about changing the future of healthcare for patients. Interested individuals logged on to an hour-long TweetChat in which they responded to three questions surrounding the future of patient care.

The TweetChat was open to everyone and anyone as long as they were willing to participate in a public discussion. Check out our blog post, #POTF TweetChatto learn more about the ideas behind the experiment.

The idea for a #POTF TweetChat began when CFI’s very own Meredith DeZutter, whose Mad*Pow’s Health Experience Design Conference talk, 'Aligning New Care Models with the Patient of the Future',lead to discussion over who the ‘Patient of the Future’ is and what does he or she expect out of healthcare services and providers.

Thus the #POTF TweetChat was born. @MayoInnovation asked three questions of the TweetChat tweeple: what will the #POTF expect from their provider? What changes in the healthcare system need to be made for the #POTF? And what innovations in healthcare today will empower the #POTF? The questions posed sparked interesting responses from tweeps.

Many responded saying that the Patient of the Future needs to be the main focus of the care team and be involved in all decision making. Tweeps expect that, in the future, providers will be open to patient expectations, as well as allowing patients access to records both electronically and face-to-face. Several participants asked for transparency from their health care providers, arguing that their health information needs to be clearer.

Many other valuable responses were given, so check out the Tweets from the #POTF TweetChat on MCCFI's Storify