#POTF TweetChat

Twitter blue bird logo with sky backgroundMayo Clinic's Center for Innovation @MayoInnovation hosted a TweetChat Tuesday June 5th at Noon CDT, 10AM PDT or 1PM EDT , discussing 'The Patient of the Future’ (#POTF). The TweetChat was designed for those passionate about changing the future of healthcare, with a patient-centered focus.

A recap of the TweetChat can be found here. 

The #POTF TweetChat was open to all wishing to share their ideas around the following three topics;

Q1: In the future what will the #POTF expect from their provider?

Q2: In order to fit the needs of the #POTF, what changes in the healthcare system need to be made today?

Q3: What innovations in healthcare today will empower the #POTF?

The #POTF TweetChat lasted one hour, comprised of introductions, three 17 minute discussion on Q1-Q3, and closing remarks from TweetChat participants.

To Join the #POTF TweetChat

  1. Enter ‘tweetchat.com’ into your browser.
  2. Sign Up with Twitter by accepting the TweetChat application
  3. Return to ‘tweetchat.com’ and enter ‘#POTF’ into the TweetChat field(located at the top of the page)
  4. Follow and participate in the #POTF conversation

#POTF Background

Meredith DeZutter, Design research at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation, sparked conversation around ‘The Patient of the Future,” following her talk at Mad*Pow’s Health Experience Design Conference.

(VIDEO: Aligning New Care Models with the Patient of the Future)

In an effort to pull the pieces of the conversation together, a collaborative discussion board was composed. MCCFI’s Storify board participants answered the question “what does the patient of the future need?” from various social media platforms.  Contributors to the conversation came from healthcare organizations, professionals and enthusiasts. Each post provided an insight as to how the individual foresees the needs of patients of the future, as well as created a platform to build and share ideas.

(STORIFY: What Does the Patient of the Future Need?)

In order to create a greater and more concentrated conversation the ‘Patient of the Future’ TweetChat will be held on June 5. We hope of this Tweetchat is to involve various perspectives, provide a platform for knowledge sharing and house a community of healthcare enthusiasts. A recap of the #POTF Tweetchat will be posted on Storify at the end of the day June 5th.

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Special thanks to Mayo Clinic Social Media for their advice and healthcare social media know-how. To learn more about MCCSM check out their blog.