The Kasson Clinic Goes Home

CFI's  Community Health Transformation platform is working actively with the Kasson Clinic to provide services to the residents of Dodge County that meet the patient where they are with the most appropriate level of care.   To that end we have developed an experiment that we are calling “Exam Room in a Backpack.”  The backpack (actually a rollerboard suitcase) contains everything a primary care physician needs to see a patient, anywhere.  House calls, see your doctor at the grocery store, meet with a nurse at school or have your appointment at work.  All of these are possible with the new mobile exam room.


(Note: Read more about ‘Bringing the Clinic to Where the People Are’)

Changing the venue of where healthcare is provided from the clinic to a place chosen by the patient strengthens the relationship between provider & patient - to improve health outcomes overall.



To test out our Exam Room in a Backpack we sent two first year medical students along with two family medicine residents out for house calls.

While they were able to successfully complete the exam, that wasn’t really the point. The medical students and residents were able to learn so much more about their patients by being where the patients felt most comfortable.

Read more about both medical students unique experiences and perspectives.


Intangible Benefits of In-Home & In-Person Visits

“This was a great experience and a memorable lesson in what healthcare could be like if we are creative and return to family doctor roots.”

Jennie Barnes discusses her observations, reflecting on how her in-home experience revealed information about the patient’s support system, nutrition, and habits – ultimately leading to a better understanding of how to deliver more individualized care. Read full recap here.

 Putting ‘Health’ into Context with In-Home Visits

“The visit offered the chance to place many important healthcare topics in the context of the patient’s life & get a sense of the best ways to improve his health.”

Terin Eurele discusses how conversations about multi-dimensional health concerns can be addressed by exploring the issues with patient, in the comfort of their own home. Read full recap here.


This exercise was done by CFI's Community Health Transformation Platform. The goal of the platform is a triple aim; improving the health of patient population, enhancing the patient experience & reducing the cost per capita of care. A partnership with Mayo Family Clinic Kasson has lead to invaluable insights reflecting the needs of community.