Bring the Clinic to Where the People Are

Mayo Family Clinic Kasson is a busy practice in Dodge County, Minnesota, but not necessarily a destination for community. However, the annual Dodge County Expo was certainly the place to be on March 31st.  Nearly 2,700 residents from the surrounding community and 103 local business exhibitors were in attendance. And this year, so was Kasson Clinic.

The Mayo Clinic Kasson booth was filled with visitors throughout the day. Staffed with nurses and physicians, offering community members the opportunity for wellness consultations, blood pressure, and blood sugar checks. Visitors could also fill out an iPad-based survey, which asked them about their health care preferences.

While being able to provide over 100 blood sugar checks, and even greater number of blood pressure checks might be quantified into being able to do screenings at a rate of 1 patient per 3.6 minutes, that really wasn’t the point.

The point was showing up. The staff took the time volunteer for this event and connect with patients as members of a community outside of the clinic setting. Nurses and physicians chatted with familiar patients who stopped by to say hello, and had the opportunity to meet people who hadn’t been to a doctor in years.

As the structure of health care is pivots toward long-term responsibility for patients within geographic population areas, it highlights the importance of investing in proactive care, outreach and relationships. The traditional health care model of waiting for a person’s condition to become acute enough to overcome their status quo bias, fear of cost, and other barriers to walking into the clinic to finally seek care will no longer make sense.

The new model needs to be relevant in people’s daily lives through:

  • Bringing care to where people are
  • Building relationships between the clinic and community
  • Sustaining those relationships through familiarity, empathy, and trust

Rose Anderson is the blog contributor, she works as a Design Researcher for CFI's Community Health Transformation Platform. The goal of the platform is a triple aim; improving the health of patient population, enhancing the patient experience & reducing the cost per capita of care. A partnership with Mayo Family Clinic Kasson has lead to invaluable insights reflecting the needs of community members, while informing the potential to create a more sustainable model for community & population health. 

Special thanks to the Kasson staff, at the expo; Meg Bryngelson-Lambert, R.N. Care Coordinator, Sonja Hruska, R.N. Care Coordinator, Dr. Lindsey Chmielewski, Dr. Kyle Hoffert, Dr. Mary Lally & Dr. Marc Matthews