Defining Innovation

Innovation is a process, the means to an end goal. That end goal is defined differently by various fields, organizations and individuals. Creating something that is innovative can imply higher productivity, streamlined efficiency, or competitive edge. Social Innovation, however aims at one goal - creating social good.

The Mayo Brothers set the stage for social good and innovation to occur in health care, with the integrative team practice.

In keeping with the Mayo Brothers focus on innovation CFI seeks to create social innovations, solving critical problems in health care with patient centered solutions. CFI sees social innovation as a ways to create positive health behavior changes and sustainable health care solutions.

The ultimate goal of creating product and service solutions is to diffuse them- creating social innovation within the realm of health care. 

Mayo Clinic's Center for Innovation values the perspectives of those with various backgrounds, experiences and levels of expertise, when thinking about complex and multi-dimensional problems. CFI Design Manager, Lorna Ross recently presented to Perpich Arts High School ArtScience Program students, explaining the process of innovation that occurs within CFI.

Watch: CFI Design Manager, Lorna Ross Perpich Presentation

The students in the school's ArtScience program, one of only three in the U.S., uses a Harvard-developed curriculum, helping students use art and science in developing their unique virtual world concepts. Their yearlong projects were presented to the CFI design team, including; a Mars Simulator program, allowing individuals to have a multi-sensorial experience & create a more engaging way to learn about the planet, the design of a horticultural classroom, encouraging students to interact with nature & prevent Nature Deficit Disorder, and a information maze, exploring LGBTQ issues for the user to better understand and consider. The challenges chosen by the high school students was impressive, as was their thought around the ways to approach such challenges and create solutions.

Innovation is as much about seeing opportunities, as it is creating solutions. 

The students reflections of their ongoing projects had definite parallels to CFI's design process. Defining complex problems, researching to understand the users' need, scoping the project accordingly and working collaboratively to design a solution. Each of the student teams had passion for their ideas, as was shown through their research and knowledge of the issue they addressed.

Watch: Perpich_Recap

CFI applauds the talent, creativity and passion these students have for their concepts. Best of luck to Perpich students as they continue to develop their concepts for virtual worlds. The teams are currently working towards an invitation to the Le Laboratoire, Paris workshop for a chance to work with experts in the arts and design, and with other students from around the world.

Maria Hayhow is a part of Mayo Clinic's Center for Innovation Communication Design team.