My Wellness Roller Coaster, A Design Research Tool

As part of the primary research for our six-month long research and design project entitled, What Ifs, Ahas and Now Whats?: Designing for the Creative Process of Behavior Change, my design partners, Marnie Meylor and Matthew Gardner, and I created this conversation tool called, “My Wellness Roller Coaster.” We used this when interviewing current and past Wellness Coaching clients.

Between plotting the x-axis of time before, during and after the 12-week coaching program, and, the y-axis of level of meaningfulness, clients were able to map the their experience. This visual representation provided a way to keep the conversation on track-- as it was very easy to tangent into any and all areas of a person’s life. For instance, we were able to ask what was happening at an apex, or, what contributed to a downward slope. This was by no means a way to collect data; rather, it gave us qualitative insight.

In addition to drawing the level of meaningfulness, we had pointed questions. These questions were derived from prior observations of coaching sessions between the coach and client. We wanted to know more about “aha” moments (clients placed orange dots on their map), how honest the client was with themselves (clients drew a pink line), and, the relationship they had with their coach (clients placed a green dot indicating the moment they felt comfortable with their coach.)