A Little Bit of Theory and Love

[This is a bit ironic that I’m writing about the love just after Fran’s post about the ROI of Love. Something’s in the air, I suppose.]

I’m currently wrapping up the design research on a project around remote asthma care management and one of my physician consultants sent me this article. What a refreshing read. Brings me back to the heart of my (art leaning) practice.

Yawar writes about how science has in some ways lost sight of the individual. He opens ups the article with asking, “Is medicine better served by science or by art?” However, then posits that art, too, has lost sight of the human experience. With references to the scientific mind of Francis Bacon and artists like Marcel Duchamp, Yawar suggests we rethink our practices to allow for a willingness to connect, share and learn from the narratives of our lives.

But the central problem remain unresolved, “How do we develop medicine that encompasses and attends to the human story?”

The Art of Medicine: Medicine and the Human Story
By Athar Yawar