Get a taste of the Transform Symposium

No one would suggest attending an educational symposium simply for the food. Well, maybe no one but us. But the food at next week's Transform2010: Thinking Differently About Health Care may be more interesting than most, and it's a great match for the mood of the symposium. As you might guess, there's a story behind that.

Before last year's symposium, Dave Schy, a renowned chef with a yen to create food that's both healthy and delicious and to teach others to do the same, reached out to the Transform symposium planners via Twitter. He said, simply, that he'd like to come and cook for the symposium participants. A discussion followed, and Chef Schy brought his chef's hat to Rochester and whipped up something wonderful.

This year he's back, with an even bigger role. The good chef will be working throughout the symposium to create healthy and delicious foods using simple ingredients. This is in keeping with the chef's philosophy that "nature has given us countless ingredients that we can use to create an endless parade of delicious recipes" and "eating is a sensual pleasure that we can enjoy several times a day for as long as we live."

Chef Schy's approach is similar to that of The Mayo Clinic Diet and is a good fit with the symposium, which has the overall goal of a healthy population, according to symposium chair, David Rosenman, M.D. The symposium is also a place where people from a wide range of disciplines, places and backgrounds can come together to share ideas, collaborate and innovate. Sometimes while sharing a meal.

Now, you may not be able to follow the fine dining by on Twitter (did I mention that you can follow Transfrom on Twitter using hashtag #txfm10?), but there's a lot you can take in. Selected presentations will be available for viewing on the Transform web site, shortly after they have completed. You can find the schedule here. There is also still time to register! Registration will be available on-site at the Mayo Civic Center.

Below is a note we recieved from an attendee after Transform2009:

I feel like a life changing event occurred when I stood in line and saw so many different and exciting dishes offered at the food table.

Could they really be healthy?  Could I feel good after eating at a meeting?  Could they be as good as they really were?

I look forward to learning from the website.  I like to cook (in my "spare" time as a surgeon and entrepreneur), and make my own bread and am learning cheese.  I look forward to weighing less, feeling better, and living longer.

Thank you for what you do!

This blog entry is "borrowed" from a message we sent to our Mayo employees, on an internal blog/newsletter called "In-the-Loop"... Thank you to Hoyt Finnamore and Cory Pedersen, of Mayo Clinic, and of course, to Dr. David Rosenman and Chef David Schy.