Integrated Care

One of the things that makes delivering healthcare difficult is that the problems are rarely confined to the set of medical treatments and interventions available. It turns out (unsurprisingly) that everything is connected. The fight we are having with the landlord contributes to stress which exacerbates our chronic conditions and impacts our physical health. The doctor tells us we must reduce our stress but has no balm to offer this root cause. As patients, we are left to negotiate assistance with each available resource on our own if we can summon the energy to negotiate at all.

Which is what makes this story, As Part of a Check-up, Help with Everyday Problems, about the legal aid practice in the pediatric clinic so powerful. The boundaries we impose on a clinician's ability to diagnosis a problem and make referrals are arbitrarily confined to the medical. Bundle the services and ease the transitions. This is the next iteration of integrated care.