More is not necessarily better.

The article, First Physical,  from the Archives of Internal Medicine about the President's physical was passed along to me by Victor Montori. It offers such a fascinating window into the issues facing healthcare delivery reform. I could quote the whole article but it is very short and the author does such a nice job that I will leave it to you to read on your own. I will pass along the following excerpt which provides the title to this post and should perhaps become the new mantra of health care reform. (repeat as necessary)

Some might defend these tests on the grounds that the President, of all people, deserves the very best our health care system can provide, but that would miss the point: more care is not necessarily better care.

I'm so curious to know if the President was asked to participate in shared decision making around the CT scan or the virtual colonoscopy. Or did they just decide to administer it? If you happen to be reading this President Obama, let Victor and I know. If you want, we can whip up a decision aid to help you and your physician have a conversation about the benefits and risks.

(The text indicates the article is free to everyone. If it isn't, please let me know)