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Transform 2015 Recap: Worth 18,000 Words

  What better way to get a quick recap of what happened at Transform 2015 than our very own Comic Artist in Residence, MK Czerweic, otherwise known as the Comic Nurse. MK was able to sketch out the best part of each presentation throughout [...]


What Makes a Comic Work in Health Care?

MK Czerwiec, a Transform 2013 presenter, is back again with our very own Nic Breutzman, to illustrate how comics work in the patient-provider relationship. MK has been living the mission of using comics as a tool in health care as a tool for communication and healing, and the comic below does the talking best.   [...]


The Medical Icons of Vernon Smith, M.D.

A sample of computer icons created by Vernon Smith, M.D., Mayo Clinic. These icons are used in the "YES Board", a communication device created with assistance and funding from the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation. A hospital emergency room is just about the last place one would expect to find [...]