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Mar 11, 2015 · 6 Replies

What Makes a Comic Work in Health Care?

By Center for Innovation @center_for_innovation

MK Czerwiec, a Transform 2013 presenter, is back again with our very own Nic Breutzman, to illustrate how comics work in the patient-provider relationship. MK has been living the mission of using comics as a tool in health care as a tool for communication and healing, and the comic below does the talking best.


MK 1

MK 2MK 3MK 4MK 5MK 6MK 7MK 8MK 9MK 10MK 11MK 12MK 13MK 14MK 15MK 16MK 17MK 18MK 19MK 20MK 21MK 22MK 23MK 24MK 25MK 26MK 27MK 28MK 29MK 30MK 31

MK 32MK 33MK 34





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Posted by @bethany123r, Mar 17, 2015

Many kids are scared visiting in the hospital. They might be using comics to entertain them and not to be scared off.


Posted by @jaderton, Apr 8, 2015

Would it be possible to see an actual example of a project comic strip. I think these would be useful in more than one setting.


Posted by @bethany123r, Apr 28, 2015

Atleast hospital is being friendly looking when they have comics so everyone will be entertain and not to get bored. naperville divorce attorneys


Posted by @nurjaman, Sep 28, 2015

comic about the health of this inspired me, to make a similar comic. Thank you.


Posted by @inalen, Oct 4, 2015

I like this comic. It will inspire me a lot. Many thanks to the administrator.


Posted by @Immi, Nov 13, 2015

Wow this is really very interesting comic and also it's very inspire all.


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