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Mar 12, 2015 · Leave a Reply

How to Change Health One Tweet at a Time

By Center for Innovation @center_for_innovation


Connecting the dots in healthcare social media


Social media in healthcare has, and continues to, radically transform the industry by making old boundaries disappear and connecting people who previously could have never connected before. When Twitter was in it's infancy, Audun Utengen (former Transform presenter) and some friends started to see the potential in utilizing this communication tool, and started cataloging conversations that were taking place by specific hashtags throughout the Twitter sphere.

With over 6,000 health-related hashtags now being tracked and searchable, Symplur has become an invaluable resource to connect patients and providers around the world in ways previously unseen. Twitter chats with patients connecting over rare diseases, Journal clubs for providers to learn together, conversations from every area of the globe are put together and saved on Symplur's platform that is free to explore.

But don't take our word for it, listen to our conversation with Audun after the break.



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