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The Dream - Featured Image
08 Feb
The Dream

Post Written by Guest Blogger, Elliott Wortham On the heels of an adequately grueling week at the hospital, I found myself sitting quietly in the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Within the...

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04 Feb
Digital Health Coaching: How To Create Success Stories

Post Written By Steph Habif Author’s Note: A shortened version of this post was published on the Rock Health blog this week. Thank you to my co-author, Glennis Coursey for working on this article.  Meet Mary....

Medical Designer - Featured Image
03 Feb
Dear Medical Designer

Post Written By Joyce Lee “Learning to Design is Learning to See” This blogpost was created for a class I am teaching to the entire 1st year medical student class at the...

design in healthcare
02 Feb
Fight the Gravitational Pull of the System

    Post written by Center for Innovation Designer, Rose Anderson   Earlier this year, backlit by the light-saber windows of the University of Minnesota’s McNamara Alumni Center, Meredith DeZutter and I spoke about...

Service Design Thinking - Featured Image
02 Feb
Service Design: The Future of User Experience?

Post Written By Pivot Design Group Think of service design as your experience in preparing for and watching a movie. Everything from the hype around the movie trailer, booking tickets in advance,...

Denying Death - Featured Image
01 Feb
Death Defying not Death Denying

Post Written By Kathy Kastner Death Denying: it’s meme that describes our ability to accept that we’re going to die: we neither want to talk about it, nor concede it could even...

Middleman in Healthcare - Mayo Center for Innovation - Healthcare Design
29 Jan
Elephants, Middlemen, and Systems – Oh, My!

Post Written By Casey Quinlan Elephants There’s an old joke that goes like this: “What’s an elephant?” “It’s a mouse designed by a government committee.” There’s also the old “elephant in the...