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Ageism in Healthcare: Fact or Fiction?

By Center for Innovation




Post written by Susan Mazer, Ph.D.


I just saw Dr. Bill Thomas’ “Age of Disruption” presentation at the University of Nevada Reno. It made me think about ageism in healthcare.

As a gerontologist and leader in the field of aging, Dr. Thomas is currently on tour nationally, pushing to redefine aging, which he feels is mistakenly based on Hollywood illusions. Dr. Thomas starts his presentation with pictures of models photographed to perfection, followed by pictures of the same models without the Photoshop tricks.  Without question, the Photoshopped images were more appealing even if they did not reflect reality.

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Announcing New Techstars++ Class

By Center for Innovation




We are pleased to announce the June Techstars++ class! These companies will be traveling to Rochester to spend two weeks working at the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator on the Mayo Clinic campus. Through Techstars++ we will investigate the fit between these four companies and Mayo Clinic for the purposes of using innovative solutions to overcome significant problems in healthcare. The foundations for potential long-term partnerships will be built during these next two weeks.

The kickoff will be hosted by the Center For Innovation with leadership and dignitaries from the city of Rochester, MN. We have a packed schedule ahead of us meeting with [...]

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The Thrill is Gone

By Center for Innovation




Post written by Linda Stotsky


We were all reminded of the late, great blues singer BB King when he recently passed. His songs speak to us through a universal struggle of compromise and conflict; the life and death of living. During the last ten years physicians, hospitals, vendors and patients sang along with BB in hits like:

  • “Im Putting All My Eggs In One Basket”
  • “Worry, Worry”
  • “Im Sorry”
  • “The Thrill is Gone”

So how do we take the lessons learned, and turn our conflict into compromise? What matters most in healthcare technology as [...]

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In Memory

By Center for Innovation


Memorial Day Quote




In memory of those who have died in service.









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How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime

By Center for Innovation





Post written by Nadine Burke Harris, M.D.


Three months ago, a TED talk I gave was posted on the Internet, and the emails, calls, and letters began pouring in — from across the country and around the world. Women and men from Texas and Louisiana, Australia and the Czech Republic urged me to do whatever I can to protect and heal children who are going through the same kinds of traumatic, stressful events they went through as kids. They shared with me their stories about those experiences and the many health problems they experienced later as adults. They also expressed their hopes and offered to be part of a solution. The letters touched me, and when I read some of them aloud at a recent staff meeting of the Center for Youth Wellness, my colleagues and I cried together. We also were deeply inspired.

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10 Articles You Need to Read Today

By Center for Innovation

The Week-End Roundup



1. Caregiver support network highlights enormous need but can it work? ( MedCity News )

2. Forget The Fitbit: Can Wearables Be Designed For The Developing World? ( CoEXIST )

3. Changing the World – Step One. ( Innovation Excellence )

4. 4 Tricks to Building a Successful Open Innovation Program. ( Innovation Management )

5. Citizen Hackers Tinker With Medical Devices. ( The Wall Street Journal )

6. Bringing healthcare to the heartland. (

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Destination: Imagination

By Center for Innovation




Post written by Nitya Chandiramani


Depression. Suicide. Mental Illness. Each one of these dense words has various connotations associated with them, but one emerging theme of commonality that links them together can be summed up in one more word. Stigma. That is one of the messages a group of primarily high school seniors from Texas wanted to convey. This group of students called the Alternate Understudies was the winning team of Mayo Clinic’s Unlikely Superheroes Challenge.

They performed a short skit at Mayo Clinic’s 2014 Transform conference. They acted out a scenario where they had a friend who was in a low mood and [...]

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Is Healthcare Designing the Wrong Patient Experience?

By Center for Innovation




Post written by Andy DeLao


Patient experience.

It what's in. It's what's vogue. It's all the rage.

There is a not a day that one cannot open a paper, a medical journal, Twitter, FaceBook, email, or a conference brochure and not see something about patient experience. In the U.S. its healthcare's new version of a best practice. It's another way to share best practices across an industry. It provides another bandwagon to hop on and spread across the great plains.

But are we scaling mediocrity?

In 1998 Joseph Pine II and James Gilmore wrote a paper published [...]

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